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Clear your Clutter Tips for October: A Message from your Disgruntled Desk

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By Kate Emmerson, the Quick Shift Deva

Hey Boss – We really need to have a heart to heart!

Every day I sit here waiting patiently, always ready to jump into work the moment you arrive……But then I wait, and wait and wait.

You ignore me, procrastinate when you see me and heaven knows what else you do when you walk into your office. Seriously - what do you do, boss? First it’s about getting your caffeine fix, then the bathroom (um, didn’t you just arrive from home?) then the obligatory wander around the office for the social greetings and gossip (WHY?) and then you finally arrive grunting under your breath, as if I’M your worst enemy.

What is that all really about?

YOU chose me, YOU chose this work, and YOU chose this company.

You keep hurting my feelings and I’m tired of it. ENOUGH!

You ceremoniously dump your laptop, bag, lunch box (oops sorry I really mean junk food) onto me, without a care for my varnish or topcoat, grumbling constantly, sighing heavily as you sit down to begin our tasks ahead. You often greet me with disgust and detachment. And often a hangover from too much junk, a disengaged life that you’re bored with, or heavens know what else you bring into the office from home. My advice: SORT IT OUT!

And just think about me for a nano second - all night long I have been groaning under the weight of the gazillion “post it” notes, the unfinished tasks, the unbearable weight of papers, other people’s stuff and multiple books tossed all over me. Don’t even get me started on the dust, grime and the old dirty cups.

People walk past me and tut tut under their breath when they see the state I’m in.

I want to feel proud of myself again. Do you hear me, boss?

I’m here to work, to help support all that you have to do. And I KNOW you have a lot to do!

I am your willing slave and confidant, yet you don’t even know how I like to be treated or decorated.

Let’s lighten up a little and have some fun. It IS possible. All of the desks in this office took a little note out of Toy Story – we come to life at night and talk about you and how stupid you are sometimes, wasting so much of your precious time on stuff that really doesn’t matter. The more organized and up to date your life is, the more time you’ll have for YOU. That also means you might leave work earlier so WE GET MORE PLAY TIME WITHOUT YOU.

I don’t have to look like your colleagues desks; I don’t care what they look like as much as I care about US? And imagine if we become the beacon of light in the office, and the other grubby desks decide to follow our lead. That would be super COOL.


For once I’d like you to greet me with energy, with enthusiasm and with delight for the day ahead.

I'd like to ask you to clean me up, get rid of all the stuff that we do not need today, or ever. All the stuff that distracts you, makes you perform poorly, or just helps you procrastinate. And definitely organize the stuff that makes you grunt and groan at me- like its MY FAULT.

Imagine knowing that I have kept all your precious documents and files safe overnight, in the right place, ready to pass them to you in a flash (or on a flash drive). That meeting you are about to dash out the door to attend – here are all the notes I kept together like we agreed. Off you go, no stress looking for them at the last minute. Aaah breathing is easy again.

The minutes from last meeting- look they are already filed on your computer.

This can be our life together. It would be great if you would come and sit at me first thing in the morning and DO SOMETHING constructive.

There are ways for you to do this; Simple ways. I have taken the liberty of finding someone uniquely able to help. Her name is Kate Emmerson.

Follow this blog each week for practical tips on not only how to organize me but on how to keep the new leaf of organization going through this upcoming autumn season. Remember how you felt at the beginning of a school year when you refreshed your supplies and clothing. That is the feeling you will get when you follow the steps Kate will outline here.

Love, Your Disgruntled Desk

If you want to really get started with shifting your energy to live light, live large, you can purchase Kate Emmerson’s bestselling book now available in the United States called “Clear Your Clutter,” published in the US.” (The Keys Press)

Kate Emmerson – the Desk Deva, inspires you to Step In, Step Up and Step Out of the old patterns that keep you from your best self.

She is a sought after international speaker, mastermind facilitator, clutter expert, author of 2 books and appears in the transformational movie “The Secrets of the Keys”. www.kate-emmerson.com

Kate is also a well-regarded MPM author who will be sharing her insights on a weekly basis. 

Clear Your Clutter

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