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Creativity as an antidote to Election Anxiety

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According to Huffington Post Deputy Healthy Living Editor, Lindsay Holmes, people are becoming increasingly stressed out by what she describes as this "brutal election cycle." Read more

Holmes consulted with psychologist Stephanie Smith who suggests that people seek help for anxiety that may be too overwhelming. In other words, election anxiety is real. 

Read More

There have been videos showing people destroying their televisions during the debate:

That might feel good for the moment but in my opinion it only increases the stress levels and puts you on the precipice of insanity. 

This election has actually done some  good things for me. Aside from making me question reality more than usual I have been trying to spend more time viewing animal videos and things that make me laugh. 

The other thing is I am feeling compelled to be creative as an antidote to election anxiety. 

Recently I went through my craft room, a luxury afforded to those parents who have survived to become empty- nesters. I actually have a craft and art studio in my home dedicated to the projects that make me happy simply because I can disengage my mind. 

Last night before the debate I picked up a rug hooking kit that I haven't touched in several years. Each time I poked the hooking tool through the backing with another thread and pulled it back through with a twist of my wrist I became more relaxed. Then I turned on the debate and my pushing and pulling of threads became more frenzied. Poke, pull, poke, pull. Poke Poke Poke Poke Poke Poke

Then I added a glass of wine. 

Poke, Pull, sip sip Poke, Pull 

Then the candidates spoke: Poke, Poke, Poke, Poke

Then I dipped into some chocolate I had been saving to give away as a gift to someone. 

Now I was feeling very relaxed. 

As the debate went on I decided to turn down the sound. By this time I practically had a new rug to cover my eyes with. It didn't look anything like the rose pattern I started with. But I didn't care. 

I peaked through the empty rows of squares left on my plastic pattern and decided that politics looked much better to me this way. 

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