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NYC 2015 Comic Con, Funko Pop Exclusives and Me


I had no idea what I was getting myself into when my daughter, an artist who is also a vendor at many conventions, bought me a ticket to one day of the NYC Comic Con. When she said we would be getting in line at 6 am I still must not have been paying attention. I love collectibles and kitsch but I have been pretty old school. After sitting outside from 6 until 9 to get into the building at Javits just so we could be herded into another line I should have been questioning my own sanity if not that of my fellow travelers.

I can see why people love going to the Comic Con and why the tickets are sold out almost as soon as they are on sale. It is like stepping into an altered reality. People are dressed in costumes that are painstakingly designed to represent their favorite characters from  television, books, comics, games, movies, manga, anime and other realms. They call it Cosplay, which describes a type of costume performance art. People create their own costumes or they spend a lot of money on costumes created for this purpose, so people can become something else entirely for at least one or more days per year. 

This is a photo taken from the site: Geeks are Sexy. NEW YORK COMIC CON 2015 They did a great job of covering the event and have a gallery of Cosplay photos. SATURDAY COSPLAY NEW YORK COMIC CON 2015 

I feel I did a brave thing for the MPM Store. I braved a three hour line to get a coveted pink ticket so I could then wait in line to be one of the first people to be able to buy the limited edition Funko Pop Exclusives. I truly risked my life for you. The three of us got separated. My daughter, her friend and I were herded out of our line toward the main floor where we could present our tickets to get into the other line. The friend, being a bit too mellow for a New York crowd was practically shoved off the escalator so I had to rescue him from a sea of people all swimming upstream. 

When we reunited and found my daughter we were told by other rabid Funko buyers that we could not join her in line. Then a ruckus ensued with some people saying we couldn't join her and others clearing the way for us. How could you separate us, we waited together for all those hours. There was no bloodshed and we were able to join our party. 

I must say I was disappointed when we got up to the counter and I discovered that the exclusive Richochet Rabbit was sold out. I didn't even know I wanted him, but when I saw he was gone I was sad. I was able to grab some exclusives for you even after having to fight people off from behind the ropes. People were offering me cash for my Tenth Doctor Who number 234 but I held strong so I could purchase the one they allowed per person. 

Here is what I was able to grab: 

I was also able to Grab a Coveted New York comic con Limited Edition Star Wars number 51:  The fighter Pilot

I didn't leave out my classic movie buffs. While I was there in the midst of the feeding frenzy I grabbed my allotted one each of the ReAction Universal Monsters. 

I must say it was very difficult to not keep all of these but they are available to you on our Collectibles page. I must confess I did decide to keep the Stan Lee Superhero Limited Edition my daughter decided to gift to me. After all, Stan Lee is truly Awesome!!

Will I ever go to another comic con? I don't know. This is me at the end of the day. I was posing for an "I've fallen and I can't get up" ad. The truth was I made the mistake of sitting down and when I went to get up my body had another idea entirely. 

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